Recycling plastics

Due to an unforeseen backlog at the TerraCycle center, we discovered that we can no longer collect and ship our foil-lined snack bags for recycling. Disappointing as this is, we are instead shifting our focus to two new initiatives: recycling plastic films and batteries. We will be repurposing our TerraCycle bins for these items. Many thanks to Liz and Keri, who have spearheaded this effort and are volunteering their time and energy to transport these new recyclables to drop-off points!plastics

Liz created the following slides, which have been shared throughout the school, to clarify which plastics can and cannot be recycled. There are more recyclables, and more drop-off locations, than you might expect!

Plastic Wrapping Recycling

Stewards of Sustainability

What does it mean to be a sustainability steward? Jemicy joined the Green Schools Alliance with this commitment: “As sustainability stewards, our school will set goals, take action, and monitor and share progress in the three sustainability leadership action tracks:

  • reduce our climate and ecological impact
  • educate and engage community
  • transform our institutional culture

Keri Weber’s Star Group students recently worked on essays reflecting on their stewardship role in the Jemicy community. They take pride in personally contributing to a healthier planet, educating others, and helping to transform our school culture.















Jemicy’s single-stream recycling program accepts the bulk of our paper, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and glass. However, there are other many items that it cannot handle, such as most commercial packaging from school lunches.  Fortunately, a company called TerraCycle provides the means to dispose of these items responsibly through their free recycling program. Jemicy middle school students completed surveys to find out which TerraCycle items they would be most likely to recycle.Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 5.43.07 PM

Juice pouches and chip bags were the top choices, so these are now deposited in designated bins in the lunchroom.



So far this effort is proving very successful at keeping these recyclables out of the trash dumpster, and we hope to expand this program to the lower school soon.IMG_3233.JPG