Upcycled air cannons

What can you do with yogurt containers, grocery bags, and creamer cups? Make air cannons, of course! Cut a hole in one end of the yogurt container, tape a bag over the other end, stack up a wall of creamer cups, and you have a mini weapon of mass destruction. We also discovered that you could use the cannon as a launcher, or to create a version of no-contact air hockey by trying to to get the creamer “puck” over your opponent’s side of the table first.

Design Challenge: Leaning Tower of Pizza

I Group students found yet another re-use for our pizza boxes this week in the “Leaning Tower of Pizza” Challenge. Each student received half of a pizza box and one meter of masking tape with the goal of constructing the tallest freestanding tower using the fewest resources. Students could “purchase” additional tape for the price of having 5 cm. of height/purchase deducted from their final measurement. Scissors, cardboard cutters, and rulers were provided. 

Congratulations to all participants for their ingenious designs!



Stewards of Sustainability

What does it mean to be a sustainability steward? Jemicy joined the Green Schools Alliance with this commitment: “As sustainability stewards, our school will set goals, take action, and monitor and share progress in the three sustainability leadership action tracks:

  • reduce our climate and ecological impact
  • educate and engage community
  • transform our institutional culture

Keri Weber’s Star Group students recently worked on essays reflecting on their stewardship role in the Jemicy community. They take pride in personally contributing to a healthier planet, educating others, and helping to transform our school culture.