We ♥ Compost

What’s not to love about compost? You take old veggies, guinea pig refuse, shredded newspaper, wood chips, throw them in a bin and a year later, the mixture has been transformed by microscopic organisms into a thing of beauty. We have been composting on a small scale at Jemicy for years, adding refuse from the science room and a few classrooms to our two small composters, and then transferring the decomposed, nutrient-rich soil to our organic garden beds. This year in the Jemicy LMS, we hope to create a larger composting area near the woods to accommodate all of our lunch and garden compostables.

We continue to educate students and the adults in our school about what can and cannot be composted. Plastic straws, most definitely not.compost 3

A toad found its way into the emptied compost bin and is enjoying the insects attracted to decomposing veggies.

Here is a handy guide from Clean Air Baltimore to help you decide: Compost, or send it to the landfill?



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