New challenges

Welcome to sustainability in the Jemicy 2020-21 school year!

Mitigating the threat of COVID-19 has reshaped many of our school practices this fall. Students and faculty operate as a set of independent neighborhoods within the framework of our physical plant and campus. Prioritizing personal health and preventing the spread of the coronavirus have altered how we clean and disinfect, and reduced our typical re-use of many materials (goodbye, pizza box projects).

These changes have naturally affected how we attend to our sustainability mission. But, there is also good news. Rethinking how we can operate under new constraints has generated new strategies while reinforcing those that have become second nature to us. Efforts toward increasing earth-friendly practices continue to feature innovative problem-solving. Some of our mitigation initiatives help reduce waste and focus on creative ways to use our facilities more intensively and efficiently. 

  • Automatic water bottle fillers replace water fountains and coolers, reducing usage and eliminating single-use paper cups and bottled water.
  • Touchless features, which reduce energy and water waste, include indoor motion-sensing sink faucets, soap and sanitizer dispensers, light switches, and paper towel dispensers.
  • Lunches and snacks are all packed at home, rather than being purchased at school, reducing packaging.
  • Outdoor hand-washing stations for the JE neighborhood operate by foot pumps, reducing water usage.
  • Recycling collection continues, but is now managed within each neighborhood, increasing community involvement.greenjemicy2-2
  • Composting continues to manage lunch waste and provide soil for our gardens.
  • Using the new SchoolPass app and a new pickup pattern means more efficient dismissal and fewer idling cars.IMG_6860
  • Forest restoration is progressing, with the JE neighborhood planting seedlings and removing invasives.
  • Increased teaching, learning, and relaxation outdoors lowers indoor utility costs.

As we make our way through this year of unprecedented challenges, the GreenJemicy site will continue to highlight and celebrate campus sustainability efforts.

You can find us linked on the community/sustainability page of Jemicy’s website, or click the follow button below.

If you would like to become involved in our effort, share resources, or get more information, please contact Emily Stanley.

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